Diversion of Construction Waste from Landfill

Working to be Sustainable

Recycled materials saved from going to the tip.

Karaka Lifestyle Estate is focused on being sustainable and as such Karaka Pines Villages are part of the Sustainable Businesses Network. But how does this transfer to actual action on the ground?

What we do is ensure that Generation Homes, our builder, is working to ensure the waste that is generated does not simply go to the tip. What they do is that their skips are collected by Green Gorilla who monitor what is collected and what they can divert from going to Landfill. They report on this each month.

What we are seeing is that we produce around 7 tonnes of waste each month in the construction process of the units. From this we are recycling around 75% of what is generated with only 1.7 tonnes going to landfill. The chart shows what has been saved from going to the tip over the last 4 months. The timber collected is chipped and goes to Golden Bay Cement where it is used as a biofuel replacement for coal in their kilns. The plasterboard is turned into Gypsum which is used by farmers as a soil conditioner while the carboard and steel go to other recyclers to recycle.