Elevations of the clubhouse from 1907

History of the Clubhouse

Gus Smith has provided a bit of background to some history relating to our Clubhouse.
The Clubhouse which now stands proudly at the centre of Karaka Lifestyle Estate was originally at No. 12 Domain Road, Parnell. It was commissioned and built for a Mrs Hugh Campbell in 1907. Her husband was a prominent Solicitor in Auckland, one of the partners of Russell and Campbell and for some years he was also the Mayor of Parnell. Unfortunately he passed away in 1906 – a year before the house was built.
Hugh Campbell’s brother J. P Campbell was a member of the Bar and who practised Law in Cambridge. It was he who was responsible for meeting with Robert McVeagh who was articled to the law firm of Frederick Whitaker & John Sheehan. Robert was 15 years of age at the time.
J.P. Campbell and the young Robert McVeagh moved to Auckland mid 1884 to join the firm of Russell and Campbell. Years later that law firm after a merger became Russell, McVeagh McKenzie Bartleet & Co.
Mrs Elizabeth Jane Campbell passed away in 1929. She had sold the property in Domain Road, and had moved to a new home in Arney Road, Remuera.
Footnote: Robert McVeagh was my (Gus Smith) Great Uncle who passed away in 1944. The name McVeagh is still associated with the law firm.
I have made contact with Mr and Mrs Grey who were neighbours who lived for many years at 263 Bremner Road. They informed me that the building was shifted from Parnell about 1982-83 to it’s present site. The present lounge and room with ensuite were added to accommodate an aged parent, and later the garages were added all in keeping with the original design. The last owners that Mrs Grey could actually remember were the Murrays.
Lorna H. has added a bit more info here – 329 Bremner Road was previously called “Tullibardine’ – possibly named by the Murrays as there is a famous Scotch Whisky called ‘Tullibardine The Murray’??? It also appears that 329 had several changes of ownership since the Murrays sold in 2012 and prior to any involvement by KLE.