What you need to know about Village Fees

At Karaka Lifestyle Estate you receive the sale price of your unit, including the capital gain, less a facilities fee and a one-off refurbishment fee. This is in contrast with most villages where you only receive the original buy price of your unit minus a facilities fee of between 20 to 30 percent.

Our fees are:

  • A weekly fee to cover the costs of running the village.
  • A one-off refurbishment fee covering the cost of bringing your unit to near-new condition.
  • A one-off facilities fee.

Refurbishing your unit will mean you get more for the unit when it comes to sell.

When selling you have the choice of your own Real Estate Agent or you can use the village management. .

When selling through village management your only costs will be for advertising and marketing your unit.


Compare the returns between

Karaka Lifestyle Estate and another village.

Your Choice of Facilities Fee

You have a choice of facilities fee to suit your financial situation. Some villages call this a deferred management fee. We call it a facilities fee.This is paid when you have sold your unit and are leaving the village.

Our standard Facilities Fee is 12.5% of the sale price of your unit. The fee is incurred at 6.25% per year, capped after two years. This fee is associated with a weekly fee of $165/week. This weekly fee may rise over time as costs increase.

Alternatively, if you would prefer a fixed weekly fee the Facilities Fee is 25% of the sale price of your unit. The fee is incurred at 6.25% per year, capped after four years. The weekly fee is then fixed at $100/week for your life in the village.

The village facilities and ambience combined with attractive local amenities add value to your property. Refurbishing the unit prior to sale also adds to the sale price of your unit.

Our excellent standard of service and well-designed village ensure you will be significantly better off than under the traditional retirement village model. We think this is only fair.