You can now compare your returns , inclusive of all major costs, from living in Karaka Lifestyle Estate with any other village. We have designed a tool for you to see the financial implications of the decision for your future.

At Karaka Lifestyle Estate you will gain the financial benefit from selling your property. You receive the selling price, including the capital gain. Enter the value of your Karaka Lifestyle Estate home of choice and the one you wish to compare it to in the calculator chart.

Please don’t forget to answer the related questions to get the full picture. Click the “Calculate” button at the bottom to learn how much better off financially you will be after owning a home in our village.

For the calculation we have assumed that at Karaka Lifestyle Estate the refurbishment expenses bring the unit back to near new will accumulate at $2000 per annum and that the advertising expense when selling will be $1000. We have assumed no refurbishment or selling expenses at the other village.